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Buying a New Home? 5 Signs your AC May Have Problems

5 Signs Your AC May Have Problems

Buying a new home in Las Vegas? Don’t let AC problems dampen your excitement. Look out for these 5 signs of trouble:

1. Uneven cooling: If some rooms feel hotter than others, it could indicate issues with your AC system.

2. Strange noises: Loud, rattling, or banging noises suggest problems that require attention.

3. High energy bills: Excessive energy consumption could be a sign of AC inefficiency or malfunction.

4. Frequent repairs: If the previous owner had a history of repairs, there might be underlying issues to address.

5. Poor air quality: Bad odors or stuffy air can indicate mold or pollutant buildup in the AC system.

But don’t worry – Comfort Masters has got you covered! Our licensed HVAC professionals will thoroughly inspect your AC and ensure your new home is cool and comfortable. So before making your purchase, consult us to ensure you’re making the right choice.

Bad Air Flow

You’ll notice immediately if the AC is struggling with poor air flow. A system that can’t even signal when it’s turning on or off is a clear sign of trouble.


Moisture around an AC unit signals trouble. If you spot leaks or moisture, inform your realtor and inspector. Leaks may originate from drain tubes or refrigerant, which poses severe health risks. Take action to protect your loved ones. Moisture around an AC unit is a sure sign of problems.


An AC unit is complex, and its components can deteriorate. Luckily, it’s easy to identify when a part requires maintenance or replacement. Squealing and grinding are common sounds in a malfunctioning AC unit, indicating the need for repairs.

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Do you ever catch a whiff of something strange when your AC kicks in? It could be a warning sign of trouble. A burning odor might mean the wires are toast, putting your safety at risk. Or, you could have mold or other organic nasties lurking in your system, leaving your whole home smelling musty. Don’t ignore those smells – they could be telling you it’s time to take action!

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No Cold Air

Is your air conditioning system failing to provide cold air? If so, it’s time to take action. Test the air conditioning in every room of your home to ensure coolness is evenly distributed. However, if no cold air is coming from the unit, immediate further inspection is vital. Don’t delay – address this issue promptly to restore comfort to your home.

The Secondary Inspection

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If you or the inspectors notice any signs of issues, it is crucial to have a secondary inspection done on your air conditioning system by a Nate certified technician. Hiring an HVAC professional for a thorough inspection will provide you with a detailed list of problems and potential repair costs. Don’t risk costly repairs or inefficient cooling – take action now to ensure your AC is in top condition.

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